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01 Mar 2014

Magic Hardware Fix Howto:

Background Story you don’t actually care about

I’ve encountered two situations where this helped, where a reboot or even removing the battery and power cable were not enough. Please share this hint because it is not something generally shared among nerds, or only as a joke reference to The IT Crowd.

One was a laptop which came into contact with the river Rhine and didn’t boot properly anymore (or not at all, I can’t remember exactly). The other was my laptop’s Ethernet card which happily created GBit/s links, but did not allow any packets to go through.

Considering I debugged the latter problem for at least three hours thinking I made a configuration error, I should probably try this sooner in the future.

I got the tip originally from Lenovo support, but I do not know how it actually works. My best guess is that there’s some residual charge in the capacitors which puts the hardware in an invalid state. If you have any insight here, please drop me a mail at stefan-blog at yrden.